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Cosmetic and general dentist, Dr. Joshua Foreman, implements nitrous oxide sedation, or laughing gas, to help his patients overcome their fears and anxieties at his dental practice in Trophy Club, TX. Dr. Foreman understands that one bad experience at the dentist or fear can keep a patient from receiving dental care (from dental cleanings to dental crowns and implants). A gentle, safe gas, nitrous oxide is inhaled through a face mask placed over the nose from the start to the finish of the procedure.

During your appointment, Dr. Foreman will discuss with you if nitrous oxide sedation is appropriate for your visit. You should be able to drive home after this type of sedation as it wears off rather quickly once the face mask has been removed. We will tell you before using the gas if you will be unable to drive after the procedure, and if you will need to arrange for a ride home. If you would like to learn more about nitrous oxide sedation, please call and schedule an appointment at Bella Vista Dentistry.

Treatment & Aftercare

Before you have your scheduled cleaning or dental treatment, Dr. Foreman will administer the nitrous oxide to through inhalation tube placed in the nose or a face mask over the nose. The gas will continue to be administered, and we will be monitoring and adjusting the level of sedation to help you remain relaxed and calm throughout the entire procedure. You will still be awake and coherent enough to follow the dentist’s instructions and answer questions. Once the nitrous oxide is turned off, the effects wear off fast.


Nitrous oxide sedation is commonly used in many dental procedures and treatments. The cost of nitrous oxide at Bella Vita Dentistry is based on the amount used during the procedure, and patients can anticipate paying approximately $50 – $75 for the use of this safe sedation. We will also discuss with you at the treatment planning appointment if your insurance will cover it.

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Dental Care Without THe Fear

Rest assured, we want you to be comfortable during your care at Bella Vita Dentistry. While the nitrous oxide will not put you to sleep during the appointment, you may feel comfortable enough to snooze a little while we perform your cleaning or treatment. Call and ask about the benefits of nitrous oxide sedation during your next appointment.

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