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About Mouth Guards

Being uncomfortable for the big game or competition with a one-size-fits-all mouth guard is a thing of the past. At Bella Vita Dentistry, we can custom make your mouth guard so that it fits perfectly to protect your teeth. Our mouth guards are sent out to be made at a dental laboratory with premium materials to provide you with an excellent fit and long lasting protection. Over-the-counter mouth guards can rub your gums the wrong way, block proper breathing, and distract an athlete who may have trouble adjusting to a poor fitting mouth guard. 

With a mouth guard fitted by our dentist, Dr. Joshua Foreman in Trophy Club, TX you can feel confident in the protection of your teeth when a hit to the face happens in the course of play. If you are interested in a personalized athletic mouth protector for yourself or your child, please contact our office for a fitting today.

What to Expect

The process for fitting for a mouth guard couldn't be easier. A series of digital X-rays and dental impressions will be taken in the first appointment. Dr. Foreman will send your specifications to his trusted dental laboratory to be made out of high quality materials. Once the mouth guard has been made, you will be scheduled for a fitting to make sure the guard does not need to be sent back for adjustments. Proper fit is the most important element in achieving optimal patient comfort.


Your new mouth guard should last approximately 8 years with proper care and cleaning. Dr. Foreman will give you instructions on how to store and care for your new mouth guard. He will also request that you bring it with you to all of your future dental appointments so that he can inspect it for wear and tear, and to discuss any problems with the fit. 


As each dental patient will have a different need or concern, size, preference to materials, Dr. Foreman will discuss an estimated cost with you during your consultation and/or fitting. Ranging from $200 –$1,000, a customized mouth guard is an investment in materials, the protection of teeth, and the need for a properly fitting mouth piece. We will help you select the right mouth guard within your budget and/or dental needs.

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Protect Your Teeth

Protecting your teeth with a customized mouth guard during your athletic events is not just about saving your smile. Knocked out, chipped, cracked, or broken teeth from a sports injury, like in football, soccer, wrestling, softball, baseball, and more, can be more than a costly cosmetic fix. When teeth are damaged, the effects go below the surface, which can be painful and expensive. At Bella Vita Dentistry, we want to help safe guard your teeth with a personalized mouth guard. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Foreman at your earliest convenience.  

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