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Having a tooth extracted is common and most people will indeed have to have this quick procedure during their lifetime. Possible reasons for a tooth extraction include tooth decay, a broken tooth that is beyond repair, teeth overcrowding, preparation for orthodontic work, or the removal of wisdom teeth. At Bella Vita Dentistry in Trophy Club, when an extraction is needed, cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Joshua Foreman focuses on patient comfort during and after the procedure. Sedation options will be available to the patient and discussed during the consultation, so patients will not have to worry about pain or discomfort during their extraction. 


Before any extractions, the dentist will take current X-rays to determine the where the tooth that needs to be removed is in relation to the surrounding teeth, tissue, and bone. For a simple extraction, which is used when the crown of the tooth is above the gum line, the dentist will loosen the tooth and carefully remove the entire tooth, including the root, from the mouth. During a surgical extraction, which is used when the crown of the tooth is still below the gum line or not fully erupted, the dentist will separate the tooth from the bone, gums, and soft tissue before removing the tooth. After an extraction, the dentist will give the patient instructions on caring for the treated area, including how to clean the area, what foods to avoid, and when to return for a follow up appointment.

Extraction FAQs

Wisdom Teeth?

Removing the last molars on the upper and lower jaw that develop in adolescence, commonly known as the wisdom teeth, is usually a surgical extraction since the teeth are still not fully above the gum line. While most patients will need or want their wisdom teeth removed, the dentist will help the patient decide whether or not their wisdom teeth should be extracted.

Replacing the Tooth?

Once the tooth or teeth have been extracted, patients have many options for filling the new gaps in their smile. The dentist will help the patient decide if the tooth should be replaced and the many options, including crowns, bridges, and dentures, that are available. The patient may choose to have the tooth replaced at the same time as the extraction or at a later appointment.

Sedation Options?

For more anxious patients, sedation options are available during tooth extractions. The dentist will go over sedation options during the patient’s consultation and help them decide the best method for them. Once the sedation method is chosen, the dentist will go over the steps the patient will experience before, during, and after the sedation. 

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Get Out of Pain

A damaged or impacted tooth can be very painful, but at Bella Vita Dentistry in Trophy Club, we offer safe, fast extractions with little to no pain after the procedure. If you are having toothaches or pain in your jaw, schedule a consultation with Dr. Joshua Foreman to discuss tooth extractions and other treatment solutions.

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