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A crown is essentially a cap that covers the tooth and restores it to a natural look and feel. There are a number of reasons a crown may be needed, including: a cosmetic desire, root canal, decay, fillings, or a tooth that is broken or chipped. At Bella Vita Dentistry in Trophy Club, TX cosmetic and general dentist, Dr. Joshua Foreman makes crowns in his office that are made with porcelain or zirconia to match the natural teeth, so the patient only needs one appointment. These crowns are extremely durable, strong, and will last many years if the patient cares for them with proper dental hygiene. Each crown is custom colored and fit to blend into the patient’s natural teeth. Dr. Foreman helps every patient pick out the best look for them so they’ll be good to go in no time.

Types of Crowns We Offer

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are high quality replacements for missing or extracted teeth that caps over the tooth to give it a natural look and feel. As porcelain is extremely durable, your crowns will last a long time with the proper care of your teeth. You will be fitted for the crown, and matched for just the right color to blend into your smile. You may need a crown to cosmetically enhance your smile, to fix a broken or chipped tooth, to restore a tooth after a root canal therapy, to repair decay, or to replace an existing crown that needs an update.

Same-Day Crowns

Using the Planmeca PlanScan® technology, you can have a same-day crown experience at Bella Vita Dentistry. There is no need to make several trips back and forth to the dentist to have a crown completed start to finish within a single visit our office. Ask Dr. Foreman about this time-saving technology to get you in and out of the dental chair, and back to your normal routine.


To place a dental crown, the tooth must first be prepared be removing any existing decay, old fillings, and a small amount of enamel. Using 3-D imaging, we will create a digital representation of the tooth to help prepare the crown. With advanced technology, a crown can sometimes be created and bonded all in the same day, which will allow the patient to avoid wearing a temporary crown. This procedure typically takes about 2 hours with little to no down time afterward.

Crown FAQs

Best Candidates for Crowns?

A dentist may recommend a crown for treatment in the following situations: to cover a severely cracked or damaged tooth, to restore a fractured tooth, to cover a dental implant, to replace a large filling when there isn’t enough natural tooth remaining, to cover a misshapen or discolored tooth, to cover a tooth after a root canal, to protect a weak or fractured tooth, and to attach a bridge.

How Long Do Crowns Last?

Dental crowns typically last 15 – 20 years before they become damaged or need to be replaced. It is important that the patient maintain a healthy dental regimen to extend the life of crowns. 

Dental Crown Benefits?

Dental crowns help to alleviate pain as well as cracks, chips, and strains on the teeth. For many patients, dental crowns give them a boost of confidence once they see their restored smile. Today, most dental crowns are composed of porcelain or ceramic, which maintains a natural look and texture, matching the patient’s smile.

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Crown Your Smile

Residents in Trophy Club, TX needing crowns can have their cake and eat it too! (We don’t mean that literally, easy on the sweets!) But what we do mean is that you can come in for your crown and leave that same day ready to chew and speak in a normal fashion. Make a consultation with Dr. Foreman at Bella Vita Dentistry in Trophy Club to learn more about treatment options with same day dental crowns.

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